Full featured high definition reception at an affordable price

Experience the amazing color, detail and resolution of high definition television at an affordable price with the Digital STREAM HD 3150PLUS Digital HDTV Receiver.
Main Functions
HDTV reception of all standard ATSC formats plus AC3 5.1 channel audio via integrated audio amplifier.
Brings you the pristine picture quality and studio grade sound of HDTV via free over the air digital broadcasting.
Great reception of regular analog NTSC channels via over the air broadcasting or cable.
Supports recording to existing to analog VCRs and PVRs
Outstanding price/performance vs comparable digital HDTV receivers.
- Over The Air Digital Television(ATSC) reception, both SDTV and HDTV
- Receives 8VSB Terrestrial Broadcasting RF signal
- Receives standard Analog(NTSC) cable and TV reception
- Can convert all ATSC input signal formats to any ATSC output format
- Can down-convert HD to SD or NTSC formats
- Multi-format Output Capacity
- allows use with both HDTV and tandard analog televisions
- Dolby™ 5.1 Channel Digital Surround Sound Capability for the awesome realism and stunning dynamic range of
- 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Audio
Dolby™ Digital Output
deliver 5.1 channel digital audio signals via S/PDIF to Dolby™
Digital decoding A/V receivers for the best in home theater audio
- Automatic Channel Scan and PSIP Update
- Favorite Channel, Audio language Selection
- Parental Guide and Rating Control
- Analog & Digital Closed Caption
- IR Remote Controller User Interface
- Video Output : 1x HDMI, Component YPbPr(3x RCA), CVBS(1x RCA), S-VHS
- Audio Output : Digital S/PDIF (Coaxial , Optical), Analog 2Channels(2x RCA)
- Input frequency 54 MHz ~ 860 MHz
- A/V lip synchronization
- Video decode and display of single HD or multiple SD streams
- Screen 16:9/4:3 adjustable
- Video display of NTSC
- Universal remote control
- Digital Electronic Program Guide based on EIT Current time display